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LGBTQIA+ concerns

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Emotional numbing and disconnection

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Zinta Auzins

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)


Hi! I'm Zinta.

Starting therapy can feel uncertain and uncomfortable. You might be asking yourself—Will I like my therapist? Will they know how to help me? Will I feel judged or be asked to talk about things I'm not ready to?

It makes sense that you feel that way—if you haven't been to therapy before, or if you're starting to work with a new therapist, you don't know what to expect. Every therapist has their own personality and way of working. Some will work for you, and some won't.

What you can expect from me is warmth, support, and emotional engagement. I bring curiosity with the goal of helping you see things from a different, more clear perspective. My goal is to help you uncover the things that are keeping you stuck, and tap into your own strength and wisdom—all at your own pace, and without judgment.

I would love to help you:

Feel more calm, confident, connected, & joyful (aka get back in touch with yourself)

• develop confidence and feel more secure in who you are

• implement effective self-care to support mental, emotional, and relationship health

• learn to set healthy boundaries

• learn to regulate your nervous system

• decrease anxiety, social anxiety

• connect with your strengths, resources, and values

• make space for joy, fun, and rest

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Process hard feelings and experiences

• explore and navigate challenging emotions with compassionate, nonjudgmental support

• learn to move through difficult emotions instead of pushing them down (until they inevitably explode)

• unpack challenging family or relationship dynamics, past or present

• foster self-awareness and emotional resilience

• address unresolved issues so you can move forward

• develop healthy coping mechanisms

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Learn to date better and achieve your dating goals

• align your dating behaviour with your relationship goals

• learn what emotional availability looks like

• stop going for a "type" that never works out for you

• figure out what you're actually looking for in a relationship

• date more calmly, especially if you have anxious attachment or dating anxiety

• feel more confident being yourself on dates

• feel more comfortable setting boundaries and asking for what you need

• get out of a situationship that's going nowhere fast

• get more comfortable sharing your feelings and being close with someone

• process difficult dating and relationship experiences so you're more prepared for a new healthy, fulfilling relationship

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Reconnect with your partner(s) - for individuals and couples+

• become aware of your part in challenging dynamics and work toward positive change

• feel more secure in your relationship(s)

• learn to set healthy boundaries and ask for what you want and need

• embrace vulnerability, curiosity, and compassion

• explore new ways to engage with each other and navigate conflict

• become more present in your sex life

• create safety and consciously share power

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If you're feeling stuck, therapy can help you:

Process the emotional baggage that weighs you down so you can move through life with more ease.

Clarify what you want and need in your life and relationships—and what needs to go.

Get comfortable with vulnerability and authenticity

so you can connect with people who value you for who you are.

Learn to take action on what you can change,

and accept or manage what you can’t.

Develop the skills and emotional presence to show up to your life and relationships more fully.

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We all need a little help along the way.

If you're facing challenges in your relationship with yourself, others, or your emotions, I’d be honoured to be your guide. Whether you’re facing long-standing issues or a sudden setback, let's explore together and forge a new path.

Working with me can help you gain clarity about your situation, your goals, and how you can move toward healing and greater well-being.

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Therapy to help you show up for your life and relationships more fully.

Zinta Auzins, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

3425 Harvester Rd, unit 213, Burlington, ON L7N 3M7

(226) 705-0564